Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker

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Good that parameters are being set early. 

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I am shocked, SHOCKED that something like this has not come up in our wedding planning. Wait until you see the table numbers, though….I did concede on that one.

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The last lazy weekend?

We really relaxed this weekend. Neither of us planned it, but I think John and i both, subconsciously realized the next few weekends are going to be insane!

Next weekend kicks off on Thursday for me when a group of girlfriends and I are headed to a late night at The Red Lion to rock out to my wedding band, 45 Riots. Can.not.wait.

Then, John flies out Friday headed to North Carolina for his friend’s wedding. He’s heading out a day ahead of me, so he can compete in the wedding golf tournament. I fly out Saturday and we’ll spend the long weekend celebrating with them.

Then, the next weekend starts with both of us flying out on Thursday for my little brother’s wedding in St. Louis. Wedding activities start there Thursday afternoon, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a little girlfriend time with one of my closest friends and bridesmaids while I’m there.

We did get out of the house this weekend, though. Saturday afternoon we headed out to Yankee Stadium for Joe Torre Day. The weather was cool and comfortable. 

Sunday, John headed out to Dyker Beach for one more practice round before the big golf tournament. I spent the day with laundry, grocery shopping and a little work.

I wrapped up the weekend for us with a tasty dinner: Hoisin Flank Steak with Asian Cucumber Salad and quinoa. 

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To Register or Not To Register….

How do you create your gift registry? Was it as difficult for you as it was for me?

Here’s the deal - John and I live together, what do we need? Not only that, we live in a little Manhattan apartment, with no storage! Where are we going to put stuff?

He’s from New York and his friends and family typically give an envelope to the bride and groom as a gift and might consider a registry tacky.

My family is from Missouri and they would consider it a cash grab and rude if you didn’t have a registry.

I decided we should just bite the bullet and do a registry. I decided to upgrade a few things like our cutlery that was just looking faded and tarnished (I was embarrassed to let guests use it, let alone eat off of it!). We drink wine in our house really regularly, so the fact that we don’t have a set of matching wine glasses is really just a tragedy, so I registered for those (stemless for us and with stems if we’re gonna be fahncy).

I also tried to think about future stuff. We’re planning on upgrading to a queen size bed in the very near future, so we’ll probably need bedding and sheets for that.

In the end a lot of it came down to how we live. Everything has to be in its place or our little apartment will look overwhelmed and cluttered. I didn’t register for anything without having an idea of where we could store it or what it would ultimately replace.

I also made a decision not to mention our registry on any of our invites (wedding or showers) or save the dates. Our wedding website is included in various places and it has our registry information. Any older family members without internet access know my mom or his mom well enough to ask for registry information if they want it. I think my maid of honor will probably get a lot of questions about where we’re registered (I know I did when I played that role for her), but she can just direct guests to our website.

In the end, I feel comfortable with where we landed on the registry question. How did you deal with it? Did your family or wedding party get a lot of questions about where you’re registered?

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